It’s easy to find corrugated packaging in today’s economy. At every turn, more products are flowing through complex distribution channels to an ever-widening number of delivery points, and many of those products make that journey in corrugated packaging.

The world of packaging materials is a global marketplace. U.S. and Canadian firms compete alongside European, Asian and Latin American companies to supply the needs of consumers worldwide. Raw materials are sourced from rural forests and major cities. Papermaking takes place near metropolitan areas and in small towns. Boxes are produced in urban centers and in suburban communities, wherever packaging needs can be met.

Crossroads Paper enters this market with a new and unique location, deep market knowledge and sophisticated operational technology. In previous decades, Nevada might have been overlooked for an operation of this type, but the regional infrastructure, skilled labor force, and transportation links to the world market make it a strategic choice.

Manufacturers, farmers, logistics companies, and shippers across the West will all benefit from this new investment in packaging materials. Add to that the recycling benefits for local governments, businesses and households, and it’s easy to see that this is a winning combination.