Humboldt County, Nevada, has been chosen as the location of the modern, recycled containerboard facility to be built by Crossroads Paper. The project site is adjacent to both I-80 and the Union Pacific railway, which will allow for immediate access to both interstate and rail shipping for inbound and outbound materials.

Internal roadways and parking will be built to accommodate shipping trucks and employee vehicles, and a new rail siding will receive deliveries of raw materials and manage outbound shipments of finished goods. 


The facility will convert used cardboard boxes and household waste into new recycled paper for consumer packaging and shipping materials. Wastepaper collected from homes, retailers and industries throughout the Intermountain West will serve as raw materials. The facility will not require natural wood fiber, and no trees will be harvested to supply its operations.

Recent advancements in recycling technology and water management will be central components of the facility. The project will comply with all relevant U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Nevada Department of Environmental Protection regulations covering air and water quality. Rapid infiltration basins will be constructed on-site to accept and re-integrate into the hydrologic system clean process water after it has been treated to meet the standards set by the Nevada Division of Water Resources.

By repurposing resources that are otherwise discarded, Crossroads Paper will give new life to old materials, support economic growth, and help preserve our nation’s forests far into the future.